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TBCCI Update


25 November 2020

The UK has been the number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment in Europe, the number onechoice for Turkish investors and the second-largest export market for Turkish goods. The majority ofcurrent investors plan to stay in the UK for the long-term and look to ride global ambitions throughstrategic investments into the UK. This event will be a unique occasion to hear from Judith Slater BritishConsul-General İstanbul and Trade Commissioner for EECA and Paul Webster Director InternationalInvestment Services Gateley plc who are in the forefront of the agendas on the likely investment outlookand trends in the post-Covid and post-Brexit era. You will hear expert discussions on how the underlyingfundamentals of the economies of the UK and Turkey to the investment outlook as the world will emergefrom the pandemic and the UK enter the post-Brexit times.

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