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Bridge to Bridge – TBCCI and IZIKAD take first steps towards cooperation

London, 30 June 2017 – TBCCI (Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry) meets IZIKAD (Association of Business Women in Izmir) delegation in London.

On Thursday, 29 June 2017, IZIKAD, a leading women’s business association in Turkey and a member of Afaemme (Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen), met with TBCCI Chairman, Emma Edhem, CC and members during their visit to London.

The delegation, led by Chairman Huriye Serter, informed Emma Edhem and TBCCI members of IZIKAD’s Bridge to Bridge project, which aims not only to build international business and trade relations but also to increase sociocultural awareness of Turkey in the countries they visit.

Chairman Edhem was pleased to hear about the Izmir Association’s progressive projects and said, ‘IZIKAD’s London visit plays a vital role in developing both friendship and trade between the two counties. I am very happy to take these first steps towards cooperation between TBCCI and Association of Business Women in Izmir.’

IZIKAD Chairman Huriye Serter said that she found the B2B meetings organized by TBCCI between their members and the IZIKAD delegation very productive. She emphasized that IZIKAD was very happy to be part of the long-lasting business and trade relations between Turkey and the UK.

Serter also informed TBCCI Chairman Emma Edhem of the upcoming IZIKAD activities and invited Edhem to the International Women Leaders Summit, that will take place in January 2018 in Izmir.

TBCCI Members

TBCCI members taking part were Accounting Direct Plus, Atlasglobal, Mia Global, Mishcon de Reya, No5 Chambers, Acmet Business School, Can Study Abroad UK, Co-Relate Marketing Solutions, Kaya Turkish Law, Right Holidays, Spotblue International Properties, Technexus Consulting and Tulip Tourism and  representing Legal Services, Management Consultancy, Tourism, Marketing, Education, Transport and property.


IZIKAD Delegation

IZIKAD delegation was comprised of companies in İzmir; Serter Mobilya, Poultech, BS Mimarlık, Dusum Eczanesi, IQ Plus Group,  Mira Sultan, Essi Group, Ozklas Turizm, Sinecen Law Office, Pumay Textile, Maktek Group Companies, İzmir Koç Insaat and Yildizkar Otomotiv representing sectors in Office furniture, Poultry, Interior Design, Pharmaceutical, Education, Agriculture, Beauty Services, Medical Spa, Transport, Organisation, Law, Organic Baby Textile, Heating Production, Construction and Land-Rover Services.