Networking Evening with BP

TBCCI Networking Evening with BP plc was held on Wednesday, 13 March 2019 at the BP Headquarters in London, where members of the Turkish-British business community met and networked. New members of the TBCCI were introduced to the delegates.

Alderman Emma Edhem, TBCCI Chairman; Deputy Head of Int. Law, Barrister, No5 Chambers talked about TBCCI projects and initiatives; Süleyman Beşli Chief, Commercial Counsellor Turkish Embassy in London spoke about UK-Turkey bilateral economic relations, and Peter Mather, Group Regional President, Europe & Head of Country, UK, BP plc, commented on trends in energy and energy in the context of Brexit.

9th UK-Turkey Business Forum

9th UK-Turkey Business Forum was organised at Hilton Bosphorus Istanbul, Turkey on Tuesday, 16 October 2018

TBCCI’s UK-Turkey Business Forum took place on 16 September 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey and brought together the Turkish & British business communities. This year the focus was on FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES – ENERGY – BRANDING & MARKETING IN THE UK.

SPEAKERS & PANELLISTSMinistry of Trade Turkey, British Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Turkey, British Ambassador, British Consul General, Alderman Emma Edhem, President, Turkish British Business Council DEİK, HSBC, Turkish Airlines, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, KoçSistem, IBM; BP, Tüpraş, EY, TİM, APCO Worldwide, EMYA Global, Arçelik.

Networking Evening with APCO Worldwide

On 7 March 2018, TBCCI organised a Networking Evening at APCO Worldwide premises in Covent Garden, London.

A Patron Member of the Chamber and the host of the evening, APCO Worldwide is an independent global public affairs and strategic communications consultancy.

The event started with opening keynotes. TBCCI Chairman Emma Edhem, CC welcomed TBCCI members and guests and briefly talked about the current developments in Turkish-British economic and political affairs. Ms. Edhem also gave an update on TBCCI projects and initiatives and announced the forthcoming TBCCI events. She then invited Mr. Cem G. Isik, Counsellor and the Deputy Head of Mission at the Turkish Embassy in London to the stage.

Isik talked about the economic and trade relations between the two countries, mentioning that the UK is the 4th biggest FDI country in Turkey and the relations will remain to be strong during and after the Brexit with the UK-Turkey Trade Working Group already established and working towards this goal. Isik also commented on the opportunities Turkey offers for foreign investors in terms of tax exemptions and policies to avoid double taxation.

Next, TBCCI Board Director and the Director of APCO Worldwide Istanbul, Deniz Gungen. gave an in overview of APCO Worldwide and informed about the current developments in Turkey and the Region.

After the opening speeches, TBCCI Chairman, Edhem invited Martin Bennett, the Chief Executive – Turkey of BAE Systems and Celal Baykal, General Manager of the Turkish Airlines London to the stage as the new appointed Directors of the TBCCI Board for their introductions.

Finally, the New Members of the TBCCI, Turkish Airlines, NARS UK Consulting Limited and SRM Business Consulting Limited were introduced to the audience.  Evening concluded with a productive networking session.

TBCCI organises 8th UK-Turkey Business Forum at Hilton Bosphorus Istanbul

8th UK-Turkey Business Forum – Post Brexit UK-Turkey Relations will strengthen


Celebrating its 8th year, the Turkish-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry was proud to present their annual UK-Turkey Business Forum held on Friday, 29 September 2017 at the Hilton Bosphorus Istanbul, Turkey. The Forum is the eldest event, where business opportunities and methods have been discussed in the Turkey-UK country-pair context and has been inspiring and educating Turkish-British business world since 2009. This year’s Forum continued with the tradition of bringing more than 100 high level executives and business leaders together while inspiring and connecting the vibrant business community.


“We have a fantastic range of speakers, panels and discussions coming up over the next six hours, all high-level experts in how to maximise trade and create favourable conditions,” said Emma Edhem, Chairman of TBCCI. “Each year this talented community assembles for a day of learning and sharing. And this year it comes at a uniquely important and positive time. We’re familiar with the geopolitical challenges faced both across the world and, in Turkey and the UK in particular. They are relevant to our bilateral relationship but they do not define it. Looking at evidence, we see that UNCTAD 2017 World Investment Report states Turkey has been the most active direct investment country in 2016 and concluded more International Investment Agreements than any other country.  Turkish Economy grew by more than 5% and from January-July Turkish exports grew by 10.6%. These are superb numbers. But just as important as those numbers is the will. That’s what I see when I look around this conference today. Because I know that time is right to enter a new age of bilateral trade between our two great trading nations.”


TBCCI’s Business Forum is an expert information exchange and business networking occasion designed around honourable keynote speakers and high-level expert panels. This year, three keynote speakers representing the UK-Turkey bilateral economic and diplomatic relations were featured in the first part of the sessions.


The first keynote featured H.E. Turkish Ambassador in London Abdurrahman Bilgic and emphasized the solid foundations of the political and economic relations between Turkey and the UK.


Attendees spent the second keynote session with Neil Floyd, Deputy Consul-General and Head of UK-Trade and Investment of British Consulate General Istanbul. In his keynote, Floyd underlined the strong bilateral relationship and painted the picture of how post Brexit UK-EU and UK-Turkey economic and trade relations might look like.


Rounding out the Forum’s key note speeches was the Deputy Minister of Economy of Turkey Fatih Metin, who made an open call for investors to come and invest in Turkey and benefit from the numerous and unique opportunities Turkey has to offer. Metin concluded; “We will be stronger together. I hope, our bilateral efforts will develop our countries’ economic and trade relations further and carry them to the targeted levels we plan for in no time.”


The second part of the Forum was organized around four consecutive panel discussions titled “Post-Brexit UK-Turkey Economic Relations”, “Defence & Aerospace”, “Food & Agriculture” and “The Technology Agenda”, discussing current and possible developments in the related industries and how these developments would translate into Turkey-UK business opportunities.


Panel discussion sessions included speakers from industry leader companies and brands in both UK and Turkey like Lloyd’s, HSBC, Atlasglobal, WBIF, ISPAT, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, TAI, UK Food Standards Agency, Yasar Holding, ODTU Teknokent, EY, KocSistem and IBM.


Special thanks to ISPAT and DEIK who were in association with TBCCI in organizing the Forum, TBCCI Lead Sponsors HSBC & Lloyds and TBCCI Forum Sponsor Atlasglobal that made this event possible.

Turkish Ambassador’s Dinner for TBCCI Patron Members

On Tuesday, 5 September 2017, His Excellency, the Ambassador of Turkey, kindly hosted the TBCCI Patron Members to a wonderful and collegiate banquet at his Residence.

Both  H.E. Ambassador Abdurrahman Bilgic and the TBCCI Chairman, Emma Edhem, CC  enjoyed delivering a brief speech to our guests emphasising the strong business relations between the two countries. Amongst the attendees were Martin Bennett of BAE Systems, Cameron Murray of Lloyd’s, Massimo Butti of London Stock Exchange Group, Murat Vanlıoglu of Shell, Gulen Yeykan of ZiraatBank, Aynur Taskan of EY,  Enver Kannur of Accounting Direct Plus, Imran Khalid of JHK Group, Martin Shobbrook of Mishcon de Reya, Claudia Whibley of RadcliffesLeBrasseur, Nicholas Cobill of No5 Chambers, Gul Arslanoglu of BEKO, David Walker of Spot Blue International Property, Engin Topaloglu of  IsBank, Taner Kose of OPET, Marti Balamir of MIA Global, Thomas Eymond-Laritaz of APCO Global Ilkan Teker of Atlasglobal, and Aytug Goksu, Commercial Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in London.

Disruptive Technologies – How companies must adjust to the wave of future technologies

 TBCCI discusses new technologies in business and industry at the Networking Evening with RationalFX

On Wednesday, 05 July 2017, TBCCI held a Networking Evening at the RationalFX Premises, in Canary Wharf, London.  First in the series, this new format of themed networking evenings focused on “Technology in Business and Industry” and brought tech savvy TBCCI members and non-members together around a lively panel discussion.  Commercial Counsellor at the Turkish Embassy, Aytug Goksu, Economic Counsellor at the Turkish Embassy and the Representative of the Central Bank of Turkey, Cigdem Kogar; TBCCI Directors, Aynur Taskan, David Walker, Enver Kannur and Kifaye Kaya and many other TBCCI members were among the attendees.

TBCCI Chairman, Emma Edhem, CC, welcomed the guests and moderated the panel discussion. The panellists included TBCCI Director and the CEO of Turkey and Central Asia of Rolls Royce Patrick Regis, EY Smart Automation Solution Lead Danny Rohde and the host for the night RationalFX’ Co-Founder Paresh Davdra discussing the technological changes in the Engineering, Services and Finance Industries.

Disruptive Technologies

RationalFX Co-Founder, Paresh Davdra, welcomed TBCCI, its members and guests as the host of the evening and stated how pleased he was to take part in the networking evening. Davdra shared the exciting foundation story of RationalFX and their use of digital and mobile technologies in the exchange services they offer to their customers with the audience.

Patrick Regis, the CEO of Turkey and Central Asia at Rolls Royce, a worlds-renowned engineering company, started off the panel discussion with a bold statement:

“At Rolls Royce, we need to be agile. We have to think in terms of technology and not engineering if we want to keep up with our major competitors such as GE and Siemens.”

Patrick then explained how their new focus in technology has led them into extensive research and digital transformation across their key business interests in Turkey and all around the world, namely, aerospace, defence, marine, civil nuclear and power generation.  Regis also talked about their new research on, hybrid electric engines for aircrafts, autonomous ships, small modular nuclear reactors and deep water tidal stream turbines.

Patrick stated that Rolls Royce’s strategy in Turkey is “Knowhow Transfer” and they are utilizing this strategy by establishing partnerships and working in cooperation with major Turkish organizations such as TUBITAK, Turkish Airlines and the respective ministries.

Danny Rohde, EY Smart Automation Solution Lead pointed out the technological gap between companies’ front and back offices. Rohde underlined the importance of structuring companies’ back offices with agile technologies to be able to keep up with the front offices.  Danny also used the analogy of industrial revolution and the changes to the blue collar work force to stress the impact the automation solutions and how they will impact the white collar work force.

The panel discussion was followed by an interactive question and answer session, which also continued during the networking part of the evening.

Before the evening came to an end, the new nembers of the TBCCI, Ardic UK Limited, Atlas Global, Can Study Abroad and CoRelate Marketing Solutions, were introduced to the audience.

Bridge to Bridge – TBCCI and IZIKAD take first steps towards cooperation

London, 30 June 2017 – TBCCI (Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry) meets IZIKAD (Association of Business Women in Izmir) delegation in London.

On Thursday, 29 June 2017, IZIKAD, a leading women’s business association in Turkey and a member of Afaemme (Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen), met with TBCCI Chairman, Emma Edhem, CC and members during their visit to London.

The delegation, led by Chairman Huriye Serter, informed Emma Edhem and TBCCI members of IZIKAD’s Bridge to Bridge project, which aims not only to build international business and trade relations but also to increase sociocultural awareness of Turkey in the countries they visit.

Chairman Edhem was pleased to hear about the Izmir Association’s progressive projects and said, ‘IZIKAD’s London visit plays a vital role in developing both friendship and trade between the two counties. I am very happy to take these first steps towards cooperation between TBCCI and Association of Business Women in Izmir.’

IZIKAD Chairman Huriye Serter said that she found the B2B meetings organized by TBCCI between their members and the IZIKAD delegation very productive. She emphasized that IZIKAD was very happy to be part of the long-lasting business and trade relations between Turkey and the UK.

Serter also informed TBCCI Chairman Emma Edhem of the upcoming IZIKAD activities and invited Edhem to the International Women Leaders Summit, that will take place in January 2018 in Izmir.

TBCCI Members

TBCCI members taking part were Accounting Direct Plus, Atlasglobal, Mia Global, Mishcon de Reya, No5 Chambers, Acmet Business School, Can Study Abroad UK, Co-Relate Marketing Solutions, Kaya Turkish Law, Right Holidays, Spotblue International Properties, Technexus Consulting and Tulip Tourism and  representing Legal Services, Management Consultancy, Tourism, Marketing, Education, Transport and property.


IZIKAD Delegation

IZIKAD delegation was comprised of companies in İzmir; Serter Mobilya, Poultech, BS Mimarlık, Dusum Eczanesi, IQ Plus Group,  Mira Sultan, Essi Group, Ozklas Turizm, Sinecen Law Office, Pumay Textile, Maktek Group Companies, İzmir Koç Insaat and Yildizkar Otomotiv representing sectors in Office furniture, Poultry, Interior Design, Pharmaceutical, Education, Agriculture, Beauty Services, Medical Spa, Transport, Organisation, Law, Organic Baby Textile, Heating Production, Construction and Land-Rover Services.