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Disruptive Technologies – How companies must adjust to the wave of future technologies

 TBCCI discusses new technologies in business and industry at the Networking Evening with RationalFX

On Wednesday, 05 July 2017, TBCCI held a Networking Evening at the RationalFX Premises, in Canary Wharf, London.  First in the series, this new format of themed networking evenings focused on “Technology in Business and Industry” and brought tech savvy TBCCI members and non-members together around a lively panel discussion.  Commercial Counsellor at the Turkish Embassy, Aytug Goksu, Economic Counsellor at the Turkish Embassy and the Representative of the Central Bank of Turkey, Cigdem Kogar; TBCCI Directors, Aynur Taskan, David Walker, Enver Kannur and Kifaye Kaya and many other TBCCI members were among the attendees.

TBCCI Chairman, Emma Edhem, CC, welcomed the guests and moderated the panel discussion. The panellists included TBCCI Director and the CEO of Turkey and Central Asia of Rolls Royce Patrick Regis, EY Smart Automation Solution Lead Danny Rohde and the host for the night RationalFX’ Co-Founder Paresh Davdra discussing the technological changes in the Engineering, Services and Finance Industries.

Disruptive Technologies

RationalFX Co-Founder, Paresh Davdra, welcomed TBCCI, its members and guests as the host of the evening and stated how pleased he was to take part in the networking evening. Davdra shared the exciting foundation story of RationalFX and their use of digital and mobile technologies in the exchange services they offer to their customers with the audience.

Patrick Regis, the CEO of Turkey and Central Asia at Rolls Royce, a worlds-renowned engineering company, started off the panel discussion with a bold statement:

“At Rolls Royce, we need to be agile. We have to think in terms of technology and not engineering if we want to keep up with our major competitors such as GE and Siemens.”

Patrick then explained how their new focus in technology has led them into extensive research and digital transformation across their key business interests in Turkey and all around the world, namely, aerospace, defence, marine, civil nuclear and power generation.  Regis also talked about their new research on, hybrid electric engines for aircrafts, autonomous ships, small modular nuclear reactors and deep water tidal stream turbines.

Patrick stated that Rolls Royce’s strategy in Turkey is “Knowhow Transfer” and they are utilizing this strategy by establishing partnerships and working in cooperation with major Turkish organizations such as TUBITAK, Turkish Airlines and the respective ministries.

Danny Rohde, EY Smart Automation Solution Lead pointed out the technological gap between companies’ front and back offices. Rohde underlined the importance of structuring companies’ back offices with agile technologies to be able to keep up with the front offices.  Danny also used the analogy of industrial revolution and the changes to the blue collar work force to stress the impact the automation solutions and how they will impact the white collar work force.

The panel discussion was followed by an interactive question and answer session, which also continued during the networking part of the evening.

Before the evening came to an end, the new nembers of the TBCCI, Ardic UK Limited, Atlas Global, Can Study Abroad and CoRelate Marketing Solutions, were introduced to the audience.