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TBCCI Sector Forum initiative, one the key elements of restructuring, delivered the target of making the Chamber more inclusive of the Members and their needs and wishes and produced expert reports and organised widely accepted events. The role of these Forums are

  • to help define policies on issues that are critical to the Chamber and business
  • assist with the planning and execution of Chamber projects and events
  • serve to improve the opportunities for members of the TBCCI in identifying referrals
  • serve to provide a platform to discuss business solutions
  • offer expert analysis of business opportunities and business methods

Specialist ‘Sector Forums’ are headed by TBCCI Directors and including other global leading expert members are set up to facilitate the efficiency of the Chamber’s services, increase members’ involvement and provide expert information and initiatives on business opportunities and methods.

TBCCI Sector Forums

Press, TV Manufacture
Energy, Mining & Metals Insurance
Membership Medical & Health Care
Business Set Up & Management Pharmaceutical
IT, Education & Technology Retail
Events PR, Marketing & Branding
Finance-Turkey Textile & Garments
Finance-UK Defence, Aerospace & Security
Exports, Logistics & Transport Food & Drinks
Travel & Tourism Investment
Turkish Legal Lifestyle
British Legal & Professional Construction & Architecture

Sector Expert Forum Heads

Energy Forum  Patrick Regis, CEO Turkey, Rolls Royce
Defence & Aerospace Forum  Nick Glover, BAE Systems Turkey Director
Manufacturing & Retail Forum  Gül Osmancebioğlu, BEKO plc  Finance Director,
PR, Marketing & Branding Forum  Zeynep Dereli, APCO Worldwide, Executive Director

If you want information about joining TBCCI Sector Forums, please contact us at info@tbcci.org.